Diatonic harmonica layout- and tabgenerator

For a brief statement please visit at first:

  ABC on wikipedia (eng.)
  ABC auf wikipedia (ger.)

There are many software packages and web-based tools with various features that read and process ABC notation. For the following example im using a web-based tool called "Abc Converter" on http://www.folkinfo.org

  Abc Converter - folkinfo.org

The main thing is:
Two clicks are enough to get ...

... out from your tabs created with harptab editor.

For example:
This are our tabs ...
      bluesscale in G, harominca in C
...some stuff around the bluesscale. Tabbed with a 'richter' harmonica in the key of C, second position. In that case we play in the key of G:

Now we press button "export to ABC notation ->" in harp editor:

      ABC Button in harp editor

After that your tabs has been copied to clipboard as a ABC notation string. You can paste it to a empty text file and save it as XYZ.abc for further processing or you can, for example, paste it to Abc Converter - folkinfo.org
On  Abc Converter you will find a window with a grey border - this is the place where you have to paste the ABC notation string. Press STRG+V or CTRL+V and then press the submit button. Result:

      notation result

cool, hm ? ;-)

But we are playing in the key of G, right ?
In that case we have to transpose our notation to the key of G (it is still in the key of C). By using the Transposing help feature we can determine what we have to do for transposing our notation from G to C:

      ABC Button in harp editor

As result we get an offer for transpose "down 5 semitones " or for transpose "up 7 semitones". I choose option "Down 5 Semitones "in ComboBox Transpose and set "show transposed abc" as 'true' (ABC notation source will be transposed too. Recommended):

      transpose options

Press the submit button again. Result:

      transposeing result

cool again, hm ? Use links "midi|pdf" to play/save MIDI, save as .pdf ...

ABC notation offers many, many features and it is easy to learn. For further informations please check out:

  ABC converter
  ABC converter on concertina.net
  Standard ABC definitions on sourceforge.net
  ABC software
  Geige Lernen(only in german) - a great summary of ABC-notation stuff
  ABC Application search

Have fun, oli :-)

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